Toyota has made it clear time and time again that it has no interest in rushing into fully electric cars. However, it will listen to its customers and follow the market's needs. In order to chip away at some of Tesla's growing market share in China and Europe, the Japanese automaker is ready to bring its fully electric sedan to market.


As Toyota slowly moves forward with EVs, it has developed its own proprietary global platform that's designed for electric cars from the ground up. The E-TNGA platform will serve as the foundation for a number of Toyota electric vehicles going forward.

The first fully electric Toyota vehicle on the E-TNGA platform is the bZ4X compact SUV. The automaker actually already started delivering the new model, however, there's now a global delay to the launch of the electric crossover due to a recall for a wheel-mounting concern.

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Toyota To Challenge Tesla Model 3 With New Electric bZ3 Sedan

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