The Hertz saga of arresting paying customers for legally rented cars reported as stolen has not ended, even after the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2020. A lawsuit filed by five Hertz customers alleges that they were stopped by police and held at gunpoint for driving rented vehicles that the company reported as stolen, after the company filed for bankruptcy.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the lawsuit was filed in the Delaware Superior Court on Tuesday. The five Hertz customers named in the suit faced wrongful arrest for driving legitimately rented vehicles. This is a problem that has persisted with Hertz since 2015, with at least 300 cases of wrongfully arrested customers, according to the plaintiff’s lawyer. Most of those cases were bundled into bankruptcy proceedings. These appear to be the first claims since the company emerged from bankruptcy in June 2021.

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It Appears Hertz Is Still Having Customers Wrongfully Arrested For Stealing Cars

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