A small fire that broke at a recycling facility on the premises of Giga Berlin offered critics a new reason to demand a production halt. According to several environmentalist organizations, it’s again about the water resources, which were supposedly contaminated by the water used to extinguish the fire.

The German environmental organizations were a thorn in Tesla’s back ever since the EV maker eyed Gruenheide as the location for its fourth gigafactory. Protests and legal action delayed the Giga Berlin opening and ramping production, with the environmentalists claiming that the plant would endanger the water reserves in the area. When a fire broke out at Giga Berlin on Monday, the environmentalist saw fresh reasons to bring the water resources back into focus. They demanded an immediate halt of the plant’s activities, no less.

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German Environmentalists Freak Out Over Small Cardboard Fire At GigaBerlin - Demand Production Be Halted

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