The number of EVs in the U.S. has increased by 87.5% according to a report by Zutobi which published this year’s version of the US Electric Vehicle Charging Point Report. The increase is up from the 2021 edition of the report which showed a total of 543,610 EVs last year. This makes it just over a million EVs in the U.S today.

The report also highlighted public charging statistics and noted that the growth in this area is not matching up with the growth of EVs. In 2021, there were 98,422 public charging outlets and that grew to 128,554 or a 31% increase.

Zutobi co-founder, Leo Waldenback told Teslarati that more people will consider switching to EVs to save money while reducing emissions.

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Number Of Electric Vehicles In US Rises 87% Since 2021

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