Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 monster, arrived in full force in Florida yesterday.

Florida is known for two things: wealth and old people, so it only makes sense that a few supercars will lose their lives in the coming days. One of the first to fall victim to Ian is a McLaren P1, which was dragged out of its garage and into the streets.

As you can see in the image below, the seawater has gone up above the tires. Considering the P1's famous see-through mesh at the rear, there's no doubt the water also worked its way into the engine and EV bits. Is it a write-off? Probably not. Thanks to the P1's limited production run, it will likely be saved, but it will have to carry a flooded title for the rest of its life.

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Hurricane Ian Claims A McLaren P1 One Week After Owner Buys It

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