Musk also made it a point to give credit to Twitter’s team for the accomplishment. “Hate speech impressions down by 1/3 from pre-spike levels. Congrats to Twitter team!” Musk wrote.

Later posts from the Tesla CEO provided some more insights about Twitter and its hate speech. For one, Musk hinted that a spike in hate speech use was largely caused by just about 1,500 accounts. He also noted that reducing the maximum number of tweets sent per day was helpful in curbing hate speech. 

Other details of Twitter’s battle against hate speech were mentioned by Musk in other posts. When asked by a Twitter user if the social media company’s “hate speech” metric was a measurement of how often racial slurs or certain bigoted phrases were used, Musk answered that this was indeed the case.


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Elon Musk Eliminates 1500 Twitter Accounts And Hate Speech Drops By One Third

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