The US-spec Acura Integra is a five-door hatchback based on Honda Civic underpinnings, but in the Chinese market, there is another Integra sharing even more with the Civic. The Honda Integra as it is called was already available in a four-door sedan guise, but it now got a new five-door hatchback variant. Both are produced in China by GAG-Honda and are available with ICE-powered and hybrid powertrains.

The Honda Integra was originally introduced in September 2021 as GAC-Honda’s alternative to Dongfeng-Honda’s Civic. The models are sharing their underpinnings, powertrains, interiors, and most body panels, although the Integra came with a redesigned face and a slightly different tail. In the case of the Honda Integra hatchback, similarities are even more evident.

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Chinese To Get The Acura Integra You Really Wanted

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