The concept of being "woke" has been increasingly prevalent in our society in recent years, with many companies adopting this cultural trend. The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is one such company, touting itself as a "woke" bank. However, while SVB tried to make strides in its progressive culture, some have raised concerns about the company's financial practices. This has led to a discussion about whether other industries, such as the auto industry, are also guilty of pushing wokeness and spending money frivolously.

To begin with, let's take a closer look at SVB. The bank prided itself on its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. While these initiatives seem admirable, many are criticizing SVB's lack of experience in investment banking among its board members. In fact, according to a Daily Mail article, only one of SVB's board members has experience in investment banking.

This raises questions about the bank's financial practices. Are they prioritizing "woke" initiatives over responsible financial management? It's important to note that companies have a responsibility to their shareholders to make smart financial decisions. While being "woke" may be good for PR, it may not necessarily be good for the bottom line. If a company is spending money on initiatives solely for the sake of being "woke," rather than because it's a smart financial decision, it could be considered irresponsible.
This brings us to the auto industry. Like many industries, the auto industry has also adopted a "woke" culture in recent years. For example, car companies have started to invest in electric vehicles and eco-friendly technology. While these initiatives are undoubtedly good for the environment, they may not always be good for the company's bottom line. Electric vehicles are often more expensive to produce than traditional cars, and the infrastructure for charging stations is not yet widely available. This means that car companies may be spending money on initiatives that aren't necessarily profitable in the short term.

Just look at one facet of the car business. Their media programs. When you look at the attendees, they seem to care more about the 'checkboxes' than ACTUAL ROI and sales results from the media they invite in 2023.

Like SVB, the auto industry may be prioritizing "woke" initiatives over responsible financial management.

Being "woke" is a controversial cultural trend that claims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, companies should not prioritize "woke" initiatives over responsible financial management. While being socially responsible is important, companies also have a responsibility to their shareholders to make smart financial decisions. It's possible for companies to do both, but it requires a careful balance. As we move forward, it's important to continue to have these conversations and hold companies accountable for their actions.

So is the auto industry JUST AS GUILTY as SVB Bank and should they QUICKLY change course before THEY implode? And what would YOU tell them to do?

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GET WOKE, GO BROKE! Is The Auto Industry Committing The SAME Sin Of OVER-WOKENESS Right Now That TANKED SVB Bank?

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