Apple's highly anticipated release of the Vision Pro Goggles has generated significant buzz and excitement among technology enthusiasts and Apple fans worldwide. However, like any major product launch, it has also attracted a fair share of criticism and skepticism on social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

One of the main criticisms revolves around the price tag of the Vision Pro Goggles. Apple is known for its premium pricing strategy, and these goggles are no exception. Twitter users have taken to the platform to express their concerns about the affordability of the product, questioning whether the features and functionalities justify the steep price. Many argue that the goggles are simply out of reach for the average consumer, which has led to accusations of Apple catering only to the elite.

Another point of contention on Twitter is the perceived lack of innovation in the Vision Pro Goggles. Some users argue that the goggles do not bring any groundbreaking features or capabilities to the market. Instead, they see the product as a rebranding or repackaging of existing augmented reality (AR) technologies. Critics claim that Apple has failed to live up to its reputation as an innovative powerhouse, and this sentiment has sparked debates and discussions across the platform.

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