Sorry to ruin the surprise GM but our agents have been working overtime to uncover the deal on this upcoming auto show reveal...

Sources tell us that the GM concept that will roll in LA next week is based highly on this design (Chevrolet SS concept)...

The Chevrolet SS (Super Sport) Concept is a four door family sedan reminiscent of the high-powered sedans of the 1960s. Seating five passengers, the SS is all muscle under the hood with a 6.0-liter, 430-horsepower V-8. In addition, the SS features GM’s fuel-saving Displacement on Demand technology allowing the high-powered engine to shut down cylinders during cruising for better fuel economy and then reactivates the cylinders during acceleration. Although the SS is full of muscle, it is equipped to suit family needs with built-in child booster seats, three DVD players, satellite radio and OnStar. The interior is designed with classic cues including checked hounds-tooth vinyl mixed with white leather accents.

If the car looks anywhere near this we predict GM will have a winner on their hands.

It looks like a cross between a Mercedes CLS and a Corvette.

We just love those Corvette hips!

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