As cars continually up the ante when it comes to equipment and higher performance, it seems that more updates is generally a good thing. That's at first glance. Then you realize, more technology typically equals more weight and more headaches.

Much like a computer, technology is great. When it works.

Come to think of it, one of my favorite -- if not THE best -- driving experience this year was in the 2011 BMW 1M. That's because it is a simple car. Our testers didn't come with navigation or any iDrive-like controls.

You have four seats, a six-speed manual, a knob for the radio and some orange stitching to brighten up the joint. That's all you really need, right? The 1M is, without hesitation, the best BMW product in years and that's because it's a standard car.

Think of it like a mobile phone. It is like a cell that JUST calls people, except it works perfectly every.single.time. Not like an Apple iPhone on an AT&T network, which will drop your call after you say: "Hello! How are...." It does everything but make calls.

However, you can make the argument that tech makes cars better. When Ferrari started the introduction of its Manettino switch, it claimed that amateur drivers could drive nearly as quick as the pros. That's because the car's tech make you a better driver.

With that said, what say you, Spies?

Are cars being RUINED with technology or is it the start of a beautiful pairing?

The antique Thunderbird parked outside on my street right now will run, approximately, forever. Unlike my Honda Civic Hybrid, which will be in the scrapheap before my baby daughter hits college. Why? Because the gadgetization of cars is ruining them...

[Source: AutoSavant VIA Gizmodo]

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Are High-Tech Gadgets RUINING Cars OR Are They For The Better?

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