In recent weeks we've been able to see the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class in testing.

We know the car's on its way, and while we've seen some interior snaps already, the internet rumormill is speculating that this new-generation Mercedes will be something that takes the brand into the stratosphere.

Now here's the thing: Way back when in 2007 Mercedes-Benz showed off the S-Class concept "Ocean Drive." Finally, word has caught up with this infamous, full-size sedan drop-top vehicle and sources are saying that the 2014 S-Class may feature a convertible in the line up.

With cars like the Nissan Murano convertible being produced, I would say that anything's possible at the time.

So, the question are:

1) Should Mercedes have produced the "Ocean Drive?"

2) If the 2014 S-Class comes without a top, you KNOW other manufacturers will follow -- Would YOU want one?

2007 Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

2007 Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

Should Mercedes Have Produced THIS? Is There A Market For Full-Size Convertibles?

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