If you've been following Ford's stock price for the past 12 months, you may have noticed something looking back — the overall trend is sideways. That's certainly better than a chart that looks like the backside of Mount Everest, but it seems to point to a bit of uncertainty that the market is sensing.

With rumors of Mark Fields' move to chief executive being reported for what feels like forever, and a big bet on the aluminum and all-new  F-150, F needs a boost. Now the rumor has become reality and the F-150 is getting closer to its ship date.

Now a boost definitely won't come in form of its financial statements that will get nailed with a half billion dollar hit to F's pre-tax profit. And with the all-new truck hitting showrooms in the latter half of the year, it seems F has a ways to go. However, this just may be a buying opportunity on the next dog leg down.

What say YOU, Spies? Do you think Ford has what it takes to make a BIG move by the end of the year?

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For all the miracles Alan Mulally pulled off at Ford Motor Co., one eluded him. He couldn't make the stock price leap.

Soon, the problem of boosting Ford's stock will fall to Mark Fields. On Thursday, Ford officially announced that Mulally would retire on July 1 and Fields would replace him as CEO. Fields was widely seen as the heir apparent after being named chief operating officer late in 2012.

Under Mulally, Ford underwent a massive restructuring, resumed paying a dividend and ran off a string of highly profitable quarters. While the stock has doubled from around $8 when Mulally took over in 2006, it hasn't closed above $18 for more than two years. For the past three months, it's been stuck between $14.50 and $16.50 as harsh winter weather kept buyers away from showrooms...


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Is The All-New, Aluminum F-150 Going To JUMPSTART Shares Of Ford's Stock?

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