Lexus knows that it's going into a serious battle with its all-new sports car, the RC F. With the all-new BMW M4 coming out and the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG ready in the wings, it's not going to be easy to earn a place in an enthusiast's heart.

The good news is that we know when Lexus is determined to accomplish something, essentially the sky is the limit. The L brand has built remarkable vehicles before and we don't expect this one to be any different.

In its latest clip, you're brought along for a journey to see how hard Lexus has been working to make the RC F a success. From Fuji Speedway to the world famous Nürburgring to the desert roads of what I am assuming is Nevada, the vehicle has been undergoing a lot of development to make it just right.

Thing is we know they're not the only ones. Everyone does this.

Hopefully Lexus' hard work pays off when test days come along.

See how Lexus used racetrack testing to develop the RC F.

The Lexus RC F was designed from the asphalt up, starting at Fuji Speedway in Japan and later refined at the famous Nürburgring in Germany. Learn how the challenges of these tracks ensured incredible durability, versatility, and power.

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VIDEO: Lexus Wants YOU To Know Just How Hard It's Working To Make The RC F A BOSS

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