What you may not know about these press junkets that the automakers send us on is that they really provide attendees with an onslaught of knowledge. You really get intimate with the vehicles and get to know everything end-to-end.

Of course, there's a problem with that. They can throw up powerpoint slides and provide attendees with all the engineers in the building, things will get mixed up or NOT mentioned at all. We see the latter happen a lot.

2015 BMW i8 Press Launch

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As Agents we try to be thorough but even sometimes we have a fact or figure slip through the cracks. Our bad. We'll do better. One way is by bringing the facts straight to you. One thing that happens on every launch is the standard Powerpoint presentation that goes over the vehicle top to bottom. We always find these useful because these are the points the manufacturer wants BUYERS to know.

Sometimes there's even a bit of thought-provoking content or some interesting research about the competition.

As we started with the BMW X5 eDrive prototype drive at headquarters in April, we're going to give you the 101 course on the all-new BMW i8.

2015 BMW i8 Press Launch

BMW i8 101: EVERYTHING BMW Wants YOU To Know About The All-New Bavarian Halo Car

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