Ford has released its traditional trends report, covering in its latest edition 2015 and found, after focusing its research on the so-called generation Z that tomorrow’s car-owners are nontraditional, rebellious and generally socially conscious.

The Dearborn automaker, the second largest carmaker in the US focused on the people generally born after 1993, forming the new generation Z, and reported on their woes after tallying their answers to questions that span across a wide range of habits – from climate change and job searches to eating and marriage. Ford has opted to make the market research for the past three years in an attempt to better develop products and services for the upcoming generations of customers. “Driving our report for 2015 is this emerging generation Z consumer, who is already inspiring attitudes and behaviors in consumers of all ages,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s global consumer trend and futuring manager.

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Ford Already Focusing On Marketing Efforts For Generation Z

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