The all-new Lexus GS F is a rather menacing looking beast. When I got my first look at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) I was pretty blown away. Then again, I am a fan of the GS.

Painted that bright blue hue and sitting low to the ground, it certainly looks the part. But, there's one mega problem.

It's so far down on power when it comes to the competition.

Equipped with the RC F's 5.0-liter V8 engine, the GS F will produce 467 horsepower. When compared to vehicles like the BMW M5 that makes 560-plus horsepower, the Mercedes-AMG E63 that makes 577 horsepower and all-new Cadillac CTS-V that will put out 640 ponies, the GS F looks like a guy that's bringing a knife to a gun fight.

It seems that Lexus is trying to highlight that the GS F weighs, give or take, 300 pounds less than its competitors. Something tells me that will not do the trick though, especially as the CTS-V weighs just over 100 pounds more than the GS F.

The clip below is meant to psych up would-be buyers by bringing the all-new GS F together with the RC F and LFA. But, I have to ask: Does anyone actually care?

The Lexus GS-F, being put through its paces at Fuji Speedway, clearly demonstrates its F lineage.

VIDEO: The Lexus GS F Lines Up On The Starting Grid, Meets Some Friends — But Does ANYONE Care?

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