It's the eve of Memorial Day and for SoCal BMWphiles that means one thing: It's day two of Bimmerfest 2016.

If you weren't able to make your way to this year's event at Fontana then do not fret. That's because Agent 001 made sure to go hog wild and photograph the show top to bottom. If you've been waiting to get an eyeful of the blue and white, then we've got you covered.

Bimmerfest 2016

This particular batch of shots leans more towards the more modern BMWs on the street. That includes the all-new M2 and the M3/M4. We're interested to see if there's any one particular vehicle that's more appealing to our Spies, who we consider the tastemakers.

So, take a walk on the wild side by seeing just a sliver of our Bimmerfest 2016 photo gallery.

Let us know in the comments: WHICH of the Bimmerfest cars speak to you? Whether you find it utterly repulsive or strikingly gorgeous, we want to know!

Bimmerfest 2016

#BIMMERFEST: MORE Shots LIVE From Day 2 Of The BIG SoCal BMW Bash! STUD or DUD? WHICH Cars Are Your Favorite?

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