When it comes to Volvo's products, I must admit that I am a fan. I loved the XC90 sport-utility vehicle and I am quite favorable on the XC60. Mostly because it is an XC90 clone just scaled down but there's more to it than that. I think.

Anyway, the company's high-performance division dubbed Polestar is up to something BIG. Dubbed Polestar 1, it could potentially be the company's first serious high-performance sedan. 

I say serious because the production models to date have been a bit tame with very little increase in power. Sure, Polestar gave the S60 an Ohlins suspension but it didn't boast a tremendous amount of power or an advanced transmission.

Rumors circulating have indicated that the Polestar 1 may feature upwards of 600 hp and benefit from hybrid technology. Given what we've seen Acura, BMW, McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari do, we're awaiting developments eagerly.

The car comes out from hiding on October 17. Stay tuned for more!

Autocar reports:

A previous Autocar report discovered that the brand’s first model as a marque independent of the Volvo badge will be a 600bhp hybrid coupé, which could be based upon the Volvo S60 and is due next year. 

A powertrain based on that of the 
Volvo XC90 T8 is expected, with a 2.0-litre turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine producing in excess of the T8’s 324bhp and an electric motor upgraded beyond its 81bhp. 

Stay tuned for our launch event video on 17.10.17 starting at 17:10 (CET). Our relentless focus on details, always putting our product first, is grounded in a design philosophy where state of the art engineering is the foundation of everything we do. We don’t settle for average. We don’t search for middle ground. Our cars are not built to fit into pre-defined segments or to fit a certain target group. When we launch our new car on the 17th October we reveal a car that we would want to drive ourselves. Because when you build something for yourself, only the best is good enough.

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TEASED! Volvo's High-Performance Unit, Polestar, Prepares Us For

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