As I noted in my previous thread, the all-new Volvo V60 is here. And though the last story discussed the vehicle's design, I was only discussing its exterior. 

Now we're going to move to the cockpit. 

Volvo V60

This is with good reason as Volvo is being a bit daring. And I have to say, I like it. With the all-new V60, Volvo has given buyers the option of a plaid-spec interior. It reminds me of what Volkswagen did with its MKV Golf GTI. It's a polite nod to the company's past. 

It's also showing that Volvo has no problem putting its neck on the line as it did with the XC40 — you can go bold with the optional, orange-y/red carpets. 

So, how would YOU spec your V60? Would you go with a traditional, black leather interior OR would you get a bit unconventional and order a plaid interior?

What say you, Spies?

Volvo V60

#GIMS: If YOU Were Buying, Would You Spec The All-new Volvo V60 With A BLACK Interior Or Would You Rather See PLAID?

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