Now, I will be the first guy to say that if I had $150,000 to spend, I probably wouldn't go running to the Porsche dealer to plop it down on a 911. While I think they're great sports cars, it just doesn't have me completely sold. 

A Cayman GT4, on the other hand... A used R8 V10, on the other hand... Now you've got my attention.

While the 911's footprint has grown in the 991 generation and it's become more luxurious, purists have still been lusting after the technologically enhanced GT3. While it gained rear-wheel steering and a PDK gearbox as the only option at first, now Porsche has finally come around. 

You can spec it with a manual transmission. 

So, what's the deal? Would reviewers still want a stick on a GT3 or are they completely smitten with the dual-clutch 'box? See for yourselves, below.

Porsche 2018 GT3 review: verdict

This was hardly a car Porsche was going to get wrong. In fact it could have made some token changes and still sold every single one without breaking sweat. But GT3.2 is so much more than that, building on the brilliance of the old car by making it more accessible and usable but without any dilution of the sensory magic that makes it such a joy to drive in the first place.

We know what you’re thinking: another 911, another glowing review. But spend five minutes exploring the GT3’s ability on a suitable road and we guarantee you won’t think any differently. As for the manual? It’s not the fastest transmission to stick in your GT3, but it’s the right one.

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