While Jay Leno has a rather controversial reputation due to his late night career, one thing we'll never question is his love for all things automotive. From steam-powered vehicles to fire engines to a jet-powered vehicle, he's a fan of it all.

And the folks I know that have taken a trip to visit his collection, they say it is unbelievable.

When you amass warehouses full of toys, yeah, I'd say that's one way to describe it.

What I like about Leno are two things. First, when he attends an event, he chats with everyone. You can't say that about many folks who have enjoyed the limelight like he has. Second, he really makes sure to show his audience some neat things that typically one doesn't get to see.

Take, for example, this clip. Although Leno spends the majority of this video going over his various restoration projects, at the end he saves the McLaren F1 for last. That's because it's undergoing a pretty thorough tear down for general maintenance and the installation of an all-new fuel cell — they have to be replaced every five years as they deteriorate. In order to do this you have to pull the engine out, which is very involved.

Not only do you get to see an F1 in pieces but Leno also has a treat for us. That's because he has his tech fire up the F1 without the muffler attached so you can hear what it sounds like completely uncorked.

Dial up the volume, Spies.

VIDEO: Jay Leno Gives Us Just A Taste Of What A McLaren F1 Sounds Like UNCORKED...

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