As noted in other recent stories about the all-new BMW 8-Series, it's been a highly anticipated debut. It's yet another big body BMW coupe, which is something the brand's been known to deliver on.

When I recently had the chance to pilot the M850i though, I wasn't finding myself smitten. Perhaps that will change once the all-new M8 is unveiled?

Stay tuned.

Until then, however, we've just noticed a teaser distributed by BMW. Showcasing an all-new 8-Series Gran Coupe that's hiding in the shadows, it's very clear where BMW is taking this car.

Can you say "6-Series Gran Coupe," anyone?

We'll keep you abreast of the latest concerning the all-new 8-Series, right here on!

BMW has just posted up this teaser for the 8 Series Gran Coupe (G16) with the caption:

Up to something extraordinary. Stay tuned. THE 8 GRAN COUPÉ.

The F93 will be revealed next month at the BMW Welt event being held in Munich June 25-27.

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TEASED! BMW Reveals The All-new 8-Series Gran Coupe IN THE SHADOWS...

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