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Latest Alfa-Romeo Dealer Reviews

Motor Village LA - Los Angeles, CA

On 3/17/2014 5:29:23 AM kingnaj wrote:
On 2/25/14 I had my Chrysler 300 towed over to Motor Village LA. This was my first time using this service department. I was having problems with my ignition so I got in contact with Juan who works in the service department at Motor Village. He told me that they would begin running diagnostics on it and that he would call me as soon as they knew what the problem was exactly. On 2/27 Juan called me with supposed great news. He told me that there was a problem with my relay and that it was nothing major and it wouldn't cost no more then 230 dollars. Remember this is Juan that's telling me this. According to Juan he was VERY CERTAIN.However, a short time later he called me back with "bad news" saying that the relay was not the problem it is now the wind module. All of this was said after he called me himself saying that the relay was indeed the problem. Juan is now saying that it will cost over 900 dollars. As you can imagine I became very upset when receiving this news. I asked Juan how could he do something like this and his response was "Why did you choose to bring your car here then?" What kind of employee says something like that to a customer? Trust me after hearing that this will be indeed the first & last time that I use the service department of Motor Village LA. But hold on there's more. I asked Juan to let me speak to his manager. That is when I met Dan. I believe that Dan was in charge of the service department, key word WAS. However, he informed m that he would be taking over the situation. I informed him of what had been going on exactly and he pretty much said that I was lying. I told him everything that Juan had told me and he simply responded with either "That's not true" or "That's your opinion". Since when did it become okay to talk to customers like that? How am I supposed to trust these people? I tell them to stop whatever they're doing and that the car will be picked up shortly. I call and report both Dan and Juan to the Chrysler Headquarters where they informed me that my service contract was still intact. Shortly thereafter I made a call to Motor Village LA where they pretty much begged me to let them still do the job. I agree to move forward and head down there to sign some paper work. Since I found out that my service contract was still intact I asked them to repair whatever else was wrong with the car that showed up in the diagnostics that the service contract covered.Dan told me that the car should be finished by March 4th. (It is now March 6th and they have not returned any of my calls.) But before I go further there's more! My service contract entitles me to a rental cor for 5 days. A man by the name of Johnathan fro Motor Village called me saying that I had to bring the car back in even though the 5 day period had not expired, and that they (Motor Village) would provide me with one of their loaner cars. So I head over there again and ask for Dan and I was told that he no longer worked there. HMMMM I wonder why? I then spoke to Johnathan who informed me that he had indeed made a mistake and that I did not have to return the car and that they had no loaner cars available.... I then ask to speak to whoever the head of the department is because Johnathan had just clearly wasted my time. I am in absolute shock when I find out who the new manager is and it is none other than Juan who started this mess from the very beginning. This is the same guy that asked me why I chose to use his service department. This place Motor Village LA is a complete joke! But I digress, Juan gave me his card and said to speak with him directly and that if it doe not come directly from him its not true. However, I have called Juan multiple times since Monday and he has yet to return my calls. On 3/6/2014 at 10:40 am I spoke with Juan finally and he tells me they're still waiting on a part and that I should not expect my car back until at lease early next week. It is hilarious because none of this is being made up it is all really happening. I ended up having to keep the rental car much longer then originally anticipated. Juan assured me that he would be covering ALL of it. ON March 13th I was notified by Juan that my car was finally finished. I returned the rental car to Midway Rental where they informed me that Id have to pay an insurance fee of 225 dollars. I inform them that Juan from Motor Village LA assured us that he would be covering ALL of it. The woman from Midway called Motor Village and they agreed to uphold they're promise and pay for everything. Literally 5 minutes later I walk back over to Motor Village and Juan tells me to my face that he did not say he was going to cover everything after he had told me that the last time we spoke in person. I am shocked that this guy has a job but once again I am not surprised. It has been proven that Juan is a liar and he needs to end up where ever it is that Dan went. The main reason for me sharing this experience is DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!!!!!!

Not too long after I finally got my car back from Motor Village on March 13th after it had been there since February 25th, my tire light came back on! Keep in mind I have not seen this light before and I havent had my car in about 3 weeks so its fair to say right that Motor Village may have made some type of mistake? I planned on never going back to that place but since I had never seen this light before and I had just got it back I thought it best to take it back to them so that they could fix whatever it is that they did wrong. I go back Juan claims that they did nothing to the tires and that it may be something that I had done myself. Wrong you guys had my car for weeks and as soon as its supposedly fixed i see a light that ive never seen before?! Come on man, he runs the diagnostic test I believe and its shows that one of my tire sensors is not responding and that to repair it would be covered under my warranty. Thank God for their sake because if it wasnt ........ Lets just leave it at that. However Juan claims that I may have to may the 100 dollar deductable. He says he will try to waive it when I bring the car back in this upcoming Tuesday. It better be waived. Im sick of this place! Do not bring your car here and DO NOT buy cars from here!

Motor Village LA - Los Angeles, CA

On 11/7/2013 10:35:33 AM Ghenrique94 wrote:
Probably the best dealership in Los Angeles. The reason for this is because the service comes from the time you park your car. They are friendly and try their best to match you up with the perfect car especially my salesman.