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Latest Audi Dealer Reviews

Audi Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL

On 11/21/2014 11:11:45 PM OCLiving wrote:
I recently moved from Vegas to Orange County and after the move I flew out to Jacksonville to visit some family. With the move I figured it was time to start fresh with not only a new home but a new car. Before I left I sold my Lexus which was sold faster than anticipated but I knew I could get by without a car for a while until deciding what I’d get next.
I figured I’d start exploring my options since I had some free time during my visit so I stopped by Mercedes and test drove the new CLA and E350 which was nice but I had to look around some more. I stopped at Acura to check out the TL because I’ve always been curious and it was definitely flashy with all the bright console lights but it wasn’t as exciting to drive like I had hoped. On my way home I passed by Audi Jacksonville and figured I’d stop in real quick. When I walked in I was greeted by Alex who asked if there was anything he could help me with. I explained my situation and he asked what I was looking for and what the most important aspects of a vehicle was for me. At that time I didn’t really know much about Audi’s but Alex gave me a high level overview of all the different classes and their offerings. I made him aware that I lived in CA but wanted to start looking around so that I didn’t have to do it once I got home. I test drove the A4 and A6 and both were beautiful. I felt like I was getting all the best features Lexus, Mercedes, and Acura had to offer but all in one and with the added bonus of driving a car that was super-fast and a lot of fun to drive.
I was so impressed with the service Alex provided and at no point in time did I ever feel pressured or like I was inconveniencing him. After spending a couple hours at the dealership, I went home and had a lot to think about. I knew I wanted the Audi but I needed to think about which one I wanted and honestly, I wanted it right then and there. Lol After thinking it through more, I started going through my options and seeing what was even possible at that time. I had booked my flight home in a week but luckily because I have status on the airline I was able to cancel my flight and get the credit on my account. I knew I had found exactly what I had wanted and I was so impressed with Alex’s professionalism, demeanor, and not only his knowledge of the cars but how he communicated it in a way that I could understand. I called Alex two days later and asked if I could come in later that day. I remember that he mentioned it was his day off that day but that if I needed anything to not hesitate to reach out to him. I felt bad calling him but with zero hesitation, he said he’d meet me at the dealership at my convenience. We met that afternoon and I explained that after much thought I wanted to go with the A4 and I was planning on finally taking that cross country road trip I’ve always wanted to take.
Alex took all my information, completed the paperwork, coordinated the meeting with the finance manager and I was suddenly the owner to my very first Audi!!! This wasn’t my first car purchase but this was definitely my first time having such a positive car shopping experience. I highly recommend Alex to anyone but if you don’t want to drive your car cross country, I understand J Although I think Alex would have found a solution for that too!

Paul Miller Audi - Parsippany, NJ

On 11/21/2014 10:31:40 PM lisa.dunstlissak wrote:
This is the 3rd car I have purchased from Peter
He is great and so is my Q7 and is available when needed for further help and info