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Latest Fiat Dealer Reviews

Ron Tonkin Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat - Milwaukie, OR

On 2/23/2017 12:11:33 AM wrote:
I cannot stress enough how horrible the service department and overall customer service is at Ron Tonkin! It's unfortunate that I am forced to give them one star, because frankly they don't deserve it. I made an appointment to bring my Jeep Wrangler in for a safety recall and oil change. I dropped it off at 8am and Eric asked me if I was going to wait while they worked on it and that it should take about 2 hours. I told him that I had to work at 9:30 and I would need a ride to work. I said I was trying to arrange a ride to come pick up my jeep on my lunch, but if I couldn't what were my options. He said I could call and pay over the phone and they would give my keys to the sales department for me to pick up after hours. I then went on my merry way to work.
I received a text from Tonkin that said if I needed anything during my visit to text that number. I arranged to take my lunch at 3pm and go pick up my jeep. Around 12:30 I texted the number and asked if it would be ready for pick up at 3pm. About an hour and a half later I got the response, "by 4pm". After being told at 8am that it would take 2 hours, I was shocked. I thought there must have been a mistake, so I called to talk to Eric to see if it had indeed not been done 7 hours later. The gal on the phone said I would have to leave a voicemail. I explained that I was on a break and didn't have access to a phone after my break, so if I couldn't talk to him can I please talk to someone else? She said she would try paging him, but he didn't answer multiple overhead pages. Every time it rang back to the receptionist she grew increasingly short with me, insisting that I leave a voicemail, which I refused. Then I asked to be transferred to the cashier to pay because I now cannot come get my car until I'm off after the service department is closed and she said, I don't know... uugghhhh I'll try. Like OMG I'm so sorry to inconvenience you (meanwhile my 30 minute lunch is almost halfway over). Then after being on hold for 10 minutes she hangs up on me. So then I called back and a different person answered and put me through to the cashier right away. The cashier asks if she can put me on hold (she just set the phone down, but I could hear her discussing my visit with none other than.... you guessed it: Eric!) I asked if that was him she was talking to and the cashier said: yes, he standing right next to me! I am so irritated at this point that I give her my payment information and end the call. After work I got a ride to go pick up my jeep. I went in, signed the papers and got my key. As I was walking out to my car I read the inspection sheet they gave me. At the bottom it said: drivers side floor soaked. This puzzled me as i have not had this problem whatsoever, it was bone dry when I dropped it off, and it was blue skies and sunshine most of the day. When I got to my car I turned on my flashlight to see the floor AND THERE'S OVER AN INCH OF STANDING WATER ON THE FLOOR! I kid you not. I took a couple pictures because I can't believe my eyes and head back to ask for some help fixing this puddle. I was sure they would be quick to help me rectify this situation. A kind salesman said he would go ask his manager what they could do to fix it and disappeared into a nearby office. He came back out and said, my manager said you can come back at 8am and they will fix it.
Now, what happens next is not my proudest moment, but I was freaking irate at this point. I marched right into that office where three men sat and went off! I was showing them the pictures saying there was no way I could drive like that. One of the men looked concerned, but said nothing and the other man (who I was told was JB) kept saying I could bring it back tomorrow to which I told him he could get in my car and ruin his shoes. I asked if they could at least give me a cup to bail water out! They did not even ask the circumstances surrounding my visit, which had nothing to do with a water leak. I have not had one at all and if by some miraculous coincidence it just started today, why wouldn't they get the water out before they returned it to me?! I was getting real worked up so he finally told the salesman to take it to the back and get the water out. He drove me back there and we got the water somewhat out. I apologized profusely to him because I knew he kinda got stuck with it and had to witness my meltdown.
From start to finish I was treated horribly. Chrysler should really come check out the location and secret shop them. These people should not be in customer service. The whole thing was a massive joke and it's not the first time I've had a bad experience with the service department, but that was back when it was Town and Country, so I thought I'd give them another shot. I have bought 2 brand new jeeps there and I will NEVER give them business again. And I will strongly recommend to everyone to choose wisely where you buy a vehicle if that's how you are treated when you get maintenance done.

Bettenhausen Fiat - Tinley Park, IL

On 2/22/2017 11:55:15 PM wrote:
As soon as I parked my car I was greeted by salesman Jim who was very nice and helpful. Told him I was looking to trade my car in and what I was looking for. He let me test drive a few cars and found one I liked. Didn't end up getting the car I wanted but he said he would take care of me and keep me posted on the car I am looking for and that he and the manager would work with me. Very nice guys and very helpful. I will keep coming back to Jim and Bettenhausen.