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Latest Ford Dealer Reviews

Bob Wondries Ford - Alhambra, CA

On 8/5/2015 12:07:09 AM wrote:
I would never recomend buying a car from them. They burned me and will do the same to you. I purchased a vehicle from this dealer, It is a 2014 Chev Spark EV and only had 900 miles on it. Before purchasing it I requested the sales man tony to inspect for damage inside and out, I also ask his manager to do the same. I purchased it without seeing it as I live in new york. I was assured by both people the car had no damage at all. I paid full sticker price of 16411 for it and was split registration and titling cost with the dealership. The dealership did not send me the plates with the car, the temp registration was not on the windshield of the car when it was delivered by the transport company. I called them and they said i would receive new plates from California, I called the dmv and they stated that the plates should have stayed with the car and that I would have to pay for registration again if I wanted plates from them. When the transporter picked up the car he noted the car as covered in dirt and that there was scratches and cuts in the paint. He could not see all the dents because of the dirt, so they were not marked. I cleaned it as soon as I got it home and found dents on the hood and roof. I also found the rear seat covered in nail polish, I took pictures and called tony and he told me that its a used car and that they were not there before he went on vacation, two days before the car was picked up. I asked why i wasn't told about any of the damage and he said it wasn't there, I talked to a sales manager by the name of Charles and he said they would not fix any of the problems because I purchased a used car. I said the damage was on the car when it was picked up and that they signed the transport paper work saying it was there. he said that it must have happened when it was in route. I said its right on the bill that it was like that when it was picked up. They do not clean cars before they are picked up so they can hide damage, and stick it on to the next guy.I also found that the air pump that is supposed to be in the trunk was not there. I would like that replaced as I can not use the tire sealant with out the pump that goes to it. This car has no spare tire from factory, and they give you a canister that screws onto the pump instead. but they only had half of the setup in the truck. I tried talking to the store manager Erik and have left messages, but he will not talk to me. This dealer will tell you to go pound sand down a rat hole. BEWARE

Spradley Barr Fort Collins - Fort Collins, CO

On 8/4/2015 11:59:25 PM wrote:
Even though I personally have no interest in owning a Mazda product I took my 2014 Ford Explorer (1 of 2 vehicles I've bought specifically from Nick) to the Mazda store specifically to deal with Nick. It was one of the last vehicles Nick sold when he worked at the Ford shop down the road but his service and level of commitment to excellence during the sale has always followed through after the sale as well. When I took it in and had issues with the service department I immediately turned and asked for his help. He immediately took ownership of the case, provided me with a loaner, and even helped my wife change over the carseats when she picked it up. If only he still sold Fords ...I would make sure I bought my next vehicle from him and no other. Keep up the excellent customer service Nick.