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Latest Ford Dealer Reviews

Highland Ford Sales - Westville, NS

On 10/1/2014 4:30:19 AM FUHonda wrote:
I took my brand new 2010 Ram Sport in to get the original tires replaced with BFG All Tertian TA. When I got home. I noticed all 4 wheels were marked up where the cone goes in the wheel for balancing. I immediately called. And took pics. Returned the next day to show them. And the guy that changed tires down right denied the damage. Curse. Swore. Walked away. And he was also the manager of fast lane. I cannot recall his name. I fought and fought for assistance. Each wheel was valued at $1,500 each. In the end. I was offered a $100 credit for highland ford. I told them where to put that. Never looked back. And I have taken many sales away from them since that. Likely $500,000+. A lot of friends and family own fords. Or have purchased since then. And they went to Keltic Ford. Or Canso Ford. I would never purchase or service a vehicle at Highland Ford again. It just hit me that the manager and the guy that damaged the wheels was Parker.

Litchfield Ford - Litchfield, CT

On 10/1/2014 3:36:52 AM Rllc wrote:
Drove 3 hours for a great deal on a Saturday, spent 4 hours of nonsense given stale food leftover from lunch in the breakroom, not telling me that my credit was not sufficient to their standards to approve loan for the vehicle I had picked out. The salesman was great until the deal fell through then he was on to the next sale next customer instead of helping me find something else I could afford. Sales manager should have known better himself to work with the customer rather than just yell NEXT like its a deli. Anyhow was approved for $50k tier 1 business loan through Toyota and took delivery the following Thursday. USE CAUTION WITH THESE GUYS