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Bismarck Motor Company
1025 East Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 258-1944
Bismarck Motor Company Reviews

Corwin Honda
303 38th St South
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 282-7000
Corwin Honda Reviews

Dan Porter Honda
2391 I-94 Business Loop East
Dickinson, ND 58601
(701) 227-1272
Dan Porter Honda Reviews

Ryan Honda of Minot
3701 S Broadway St
Minot, ND 58701
(701) 852-1111
Ryan Honda of Minot Reviews

Rydell Honda Nissan of Grand Forks
3220 South Washington Street
Grand Forks, ND 58278
(701) 746-2020
Rydell Honda Nissan of Grand Forks Reviews

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Bismarck Motor Company - Bismarck, ND

On 10/20/2014 3:44:47 PM gabriel.jenko wrote:
My wife and I worked with George Anderson and really enjoyed the whole experience of leasing a Nissan Juke from here. George was really great to work with and explained everything well throughout the entire process. I leased my current Nissan Altima from George through BMC and he was good about following up in subsequent run-ins to ask how things are going and making sure we liked the car(s) we got through him. Would definitely recommend to others, specifically to work George as he nice and easy to work with.

Bismarck Motor Company - Bismarck, ND

On 10/10/2014 3:58:27 PM steinhouse wrote:
I recently (Sept '14) purchased a Honda Odyssey from Bismarck Motor Company and am still being blown away by the whole experience. When I went to the lot, there were no Odysseys there. I had been referred to George Anderson by a friend who also recently bought an Odyssey. George was not in, but another saleman (Travis Rieger) took down my information and gave me an informational booklet on Odyssey's. He also confirmed that there were none on the lot but they were anticipating getting in 1 or 2 soon.

Low and behold, George called me at 5 pm that same night to tell me an Odyssey had come in. He let me know that I could come look at it although it wasn't programmed yet and didn't even have the plastic off. So I made my way down there and checked it out. This is when it got really good.

George took me out to the vehicle to look at and show me what he could (since it was not programmed yet). After going back inside, he explained how the BMC did business under Bob Kupper. They were a "sticker price is the lowest price" with no negotiating. I smirked and thought, "Isn't that everywhere?" George then showed me the invoice for them to buy the van, and how it was only $200 less than what they planned to price it at. I was blown away that a dealship would do that.

He then asked if I planned to trade in a vehicle which I did if they didn't gouge me on the price. Again to my surprise, they gave me a very reasonable trade in price, considerably more than I expected. George then ran back and forth to the business manager to crunch numbers on leasing v loan (including months, incentives, APRs,etc). George made no reference of time and had the demeanor to stay until midnight if I chose. He informed me that there was a note from the manager for another salesman to contact a client about this van. Again, I thought, " Here we go, back to old dealership tactics." Surprised again.

George told me it was completely up to me on what I wanted to do. He said if I liked the van and planned to purchase it, I should put down a deposit to hold it in my name before the morning. If I had any hesitation, I should sleep on it and come back in the morning. There was no pressure, no tricks, and no run around. I called my wife and we agreed to put a deposit down.

Next day, my wife and I both came in to make the final purchase. The agreement was contingent upon a full inspection of my trade in as well as a test drive and daylight inspection of the van. George went above and beyond of what we consider satisfactory customer service. He even walked to a gas station to buy us some bottled water because the dealership was out!

George answered all accessory questions we had without pressuring us to buy anything. He was constantly running around to various people to get any answer he didn't know himself. He passed us on to Lance Meyer, our business manager. Lance was equally non-pressuring and walked us through our options at a very slow pace, as to not blind side us with hidden fees or play number games.

So after all the ink dried, George gave us a personalization tour of the van and all the bells and whistles. It has been almost a month now, and I still contact George with any concerns or issues I have. He always responds that day, and will help me to his fullest extent, even offering to pay for new license plates so I wouldn't have to make a special trip to the dealship.

I simply cannot describe how happy my wife and I have been, and have most certainly found our place and guy we will buy our next vehicle from.