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Latest Hyundai Dealer Reviews

Ford Hyundai of Kirkland - Kirkland, WA

On 1/18/2017 12:33:39 AM wrote:
If you have ever dreaded walking into the dealership, prepared for the back and forth of a 5-hour purchase ordeal, then you know what we felt when we approached purchasing our next car. We visited several dealerships and were always disappointed (read: frustrated) with the long process of give and take between the finance guys and the sales person, only to find that 4-5 hours later, they could not meet our needs with the price or the car.

Then, we visited Ford of Kirkland. NO PRESSURE SALES. NONE. Terrific service! They were so casual and laid back! Ray LaPlante tag-teamed with one of the other finance managers, named Scott, who gave us apples to apples pricing tips on each level of car that Ford makes. He asked us questions about what was important to us to find which one of the cars Ford makes that would best fit our needs. We needed lower gas mileage, lower payments and a smaller vehicle than the one we owned. Scott explained how we could get out from under the larger car, larger car payments and hidden costs of owning the one we were trading in with little or no problems. It turns out they work hand in hand with our bank, and gave us a great deal! We were totally expecting to trade in our old car, have a huge loan to pay off, and then be saddled with an even larger payment once we bought a used Ford... but no! We were so pleasantly surprised that Scott and Ray worked with our bank to pay off the previous loan. We also expected to buy a used Ford, because the payments would be lower. However, with some of the specials on new cars, Ray and Scott asked me if I would consider a new car, if we could get the payments to work out for our budget.

IMAGINE THIS: What if the sales guys at a new (or used) car dealership were totally honest with you from the beginning. Rather than ask, "How much is a Ford Focus?" They asked what we needed, and then looked for the car that worked for us. But, there were no hidden costs. No hidden or unexplained fees. They let us test drive the car ourselves WITHOUT a salesperson yammering at us from the backseat. They told us up front how much the car cost, and it was exactly that price. NO-DICKER STICKER should be the name of the dealership.

Any questions I had, Scott knew the answer, about the engine, about the upgrades, and about the safety of the car. (Important as parents of a new driver.) We were stunned. Flabbergasted. Amazed. We had NEVER visited a car dealership that had HONEST sales people, UP-Front finance guys and a process that was simple and straight forward. We will never darken the door of any other dealer. I wish I had a sky-writer to tell everyone in the Seattle area about Ford of Kirkland.

As I waited for my husband to arrive from work to see the car, and drive it, I read the awards that were hung up in the hallway. This dealership has a running record of top sales, top service, Ford President's Awards, and volumes sales that fewer than 10% of all Ford dealerships in the country attain. The more I looked, the more it seemed that I had found a dealership like no other in the area. Believe me, we have put a lot of miles on our old car, going place to place to look at cars. Everyone else pressured me to get more car than we could afford. All of the other dealers wasted our time going back and forth with one loan after the next, even when we told the OTHER dealerships that we didn't want their financing, we had our own. Ray even remembered me from a conversation we had over a year ago. That was also impressive.

I have owned a Chevy Cavalier, a Nissan Sentra, a Toyota Carolla, a VW 1969 Beetle, a Saturn Relay Van, and a Cadillac Escalade ESV, As you can see, we have been through a lot of cars, and dealerships. I cannot say enough about Ford of Kirkland's whole process. I never imagined that car dealers would be honest and upfront with the customer, and it was frankly a breath of fresh air, and we will be back!!! We will be back with friends as soon as possible!

Ford Hyundai of Kirkland - Kirkland, WA

On 1/18/2017 12:28:34 AM wrote:
Wow! Right when I stepped foot into the showroom floor I was kindly greeted by Richard Ewing the General Sales Manager. From the test drive to the negotiations, it was super smooth. They make buying a car an enjoyable experience. The process took only 2 hours with the finance manager processing the DMV paperwork along with my loan. I love my new 2017 Ford Explorer! I will definitely refer all my friends and family here!