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Latest Pontiac Dealer Reviews

Daniels Chevrolet - Swainsboro, GA

On 5/22/2015 9:05:09 PM damnan@msn.com wrote:
I bought a used truck from Daniels Chevrolet In February 2015. I asked the salesman Ricky Collins several times if they were aware of any engine problems prior to trade in or if they did any work on it. Ricky told me that the only thing they did was an oil change. After test driving it there was a slight hesitation when accelerating. Even the mechanic told me he knew of no problems. I asked Ricky if I buy this and something happens and it turns out to be a major problem what is your policy. He said we would come and pick the vehicle up and give you a refund. Even though I had to sign the as is agreement, he said that’s just for small stuff and we will make it right. I got home and took the vehicle to my local dealership to have an inspection. They immediately notice oil leaking from the engine. I called Ricky and advised him of the problem. He said it`s probably old left over oil from when we repaired the head gasket, and not to worry about it. Apparently the previous owner had driven it too long when it was over heated before trading it in. I was shocked and questioned him as to why he never disclosed that when I asked. He just said he thought he mentioned it. I decided to have a dye test just to make sure. The results showed the head gasket was still leaking. I called Ricky and told him I wanted my money back. He wanted to know if I had added water to the engine or drove it real hard. I advised him that I just drove it the 100 miles from his dealership to my house and then to my dealership. I requested my money back as he promised. He even tried to say that my local dealership may be lying to charge for more repairs or are incompetent. He insisted that I drive to another mechanic they are associated with for a second opinion. The new mechanic found the same problem. He stated whom ever did the repair either has no idea what they are doing or just did the cheapest fix possible. The fact that Daniels service never checked to see if the engine was still leaking is disturbing. I again called Ricky and asked to get my refund. He was reluctant and offered to fix it at their dealership. I refused but suggested that we could do the repair at the mechanic they sent me to. I waited 4 hours before he finally said Mr. Daniels declined the request. I told him I want my refund as was promised. He said that they will send a couple of guys to pick it up in the morning and bring me a check. The next day by noon I called to see what was happening. Ricky said Mr. Daniels told him I can have a refund but I have to drive the truck back. I explained that both mechanics advised me that there is probably more damage from the leak and the truck could die at any time. He said that what Mr. Daniels wants and he`s the boss. I reluctantly agreed to return it but I need something in writing stating that they are aware of the situation and authorize me to drive the truck back without holding me responsible if something else goes wrong. Ricky said no problem and he would fax it to me. An hour later I got a letter stating I have 48 hours to return it but it must be in the same condition I bought it in. This would already be impossible from the current condition it was in. I called Ricky back and asked for the letter to be re-written to reflect what he agreed but was told that`s what Mr. Daniels wants and he`s the boss. I spoke to numerous auto law experts and was advised not to return it under those terms. I decided to fix it myself. The mechanic found the damage to the engine was more extensive than they thought. The bearings needed to be replaced. They advised me it would cost almost the value of the truck to fix it, suggesting it would be less expensive to replace the entire engine. I called Richard Daniels and requested his assistance. He said he would call me back. For the next week I got the run around from his associates. Finally I was told since I refused the previous refund there is nothing they can do. My wife and I were called liars and blamed for causing the damage. We were even told that Richard Daniels was very offended because we don`t trust him. Why would I trust someone who lied about a major repair such as a head gasket. I have since found many reviews from their customers who had similar experiences like mine. They all say the same thing. Those who were offered repairs said they just did a cheap fix and that they had to have repaired over and over. Others were given the run around like me. Go to the Better Business Bureau website and see their rating. It`s a C minus.

Scougall Motors Ltd - Fort MacLeod , AB

On 5/22/2015 12:49:46 PM joygrey@telus.net wrote:
Allen Verhoef was great to deal with. He was friendly, knowledgable, and open to showing us many options. He really listened to what we needed and made recommendations that met our 'want' list as well. He gave us a wealth of information that helped us make the right choice quickly.