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Hertrich's Capitol Lincoln Mercury Mazda Suzuki
1127 S DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
(888) 409-6497
Hertrich's Capitol Lincoln Mercury Mazda Suzuki Reviews

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Hertrich's Capitol Lincoln Mercury Mazda Suzuki - Dover, DE

On 1/19/2018 5:07:55 PM wrote:
I called them to have the top on my convertible replaced as the window had been damaged. Nationwide told me to make the appointment and let them know where it was going. Hertrich’s called me back and said they won’t order the part for my car unless I pay out of pocket in advance. The part is $2000. I explained that this was an approved claim through Nationwide and they said either way the part had to be paid for in advance. I spoke with Skip, the Service Mismanager and was told the same thing. This is “company policy” because he “got burned” for $300 in parts recently.

If a company can’t front the cost of a part, how good is the service going to be - assuming they can’t afford decent techs to DO the work either.

Best part is had they been at all polite about it I would have let it go. But I was given this by Ann in parts : “I’m not about to order a $1900 part without some kind of payment up front.”

I compared this to the body shop wanting sheet metal paid for and she said that the difference is that then they have the car, and if I wanted to leave my car there as “collateral” she would order the part after I dropped it off.

I thought Hertrich’s was an upstanding name in DE - seems it’s more of a Pawn Shop.

Hertrich's Capitol Lincoln Mercury Mazda Suzuki - Dover, DE

On 8/14/2017 9:36:26 PM wrote:
1) All they care about is sales.
2) Their certified vehicles are not really certifiable.
3) Their service department is trash!
4) My salesperson lied to me and management did nothing to rectify the situation.
5) Numerous people have purchsed vehicles from them that had been in accidents but they provide clean car faxes and mask the damages!!
*By far the worst car buying experience ever!!!
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