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Latest Used-Car-Dealer Dealer Reviews

Lakewood Happy Motors - Lakewood, CO

On 1/17/2017 1:30:12 AM wrote:
Financed a 03 tahoe. Paid twice book value but expected since buy here pay here. Didn't want to tie up my credit with another car loan.
When test driving check engine light was on. Mechanic reset it saying it was mass air flow sensor that they replaced but forgot to reset. Lie. Ended up being 4 oxygen sensors. $200 for parts and an hour to fix. OK. Used car. I fixed it. Then all guaged stopped working. Research showed it's a chevy problem. Again bought parts and fixed. No big deal. But now comes the problem. 2-3 weeks after getting tahoe the tranny starts slipping, transfer case in all wheel drive whines and front end noises. Took back to happy motors and was told to take to denver transmission to diagnose and that happy would help me out and cut me a huge deal since it had only been 2 weeks. Denver transmission said it's a huge electric problem and ecm is losing communication with transmission and other electric components. Happy said it's something they can fix in house. Made appointment for Friday before Christmas. Dropped off at 9 am. Told a few hours to diagnose and would call me. At 4pm called them. Talked to head shop mechanic lol if that's what you want to call him, but hey its his title. Told me they couldn't hear any noise and didn't notice the Trans slip. Told him how can you not notice. Trans slips on 2nd to 3rd shift every time and 4x4 makes noise as soon as put in all wheel drive. He says well we can't find anything but we will keep it until Monday and look again. Called at noon Monday. Said no one looked yet. Called at 4 Monday. Said they were still trying to hear noise and get Trans to slip. Kept until Tuesday. Called Tues around noon. Said the problem with 4x4 is cause I was engaging it on the freeway and any 4x4 at freeway speeds make noise and again no slipping on Trans. At this point I'm pissed. I said look dude I don't use 4x4 on freeway. I use it going 10 mph leaving my house. And once again Trans slips every shift of 2nd to 3rd. He said they would keep looking. At this point I called denver transmission and said can you call these idiots and tell them what's wrong. He said yes and called happy. Remember they said they can fix it in house thus the reason denver transmission didn't fix it. Wednesday they called in the morning and said the front end needs to be completely rebuilt and they could give me a quote on doing it but the Trans they can't fix so I'm on my own with that issue. I said yeah no thanks. 4 days to find obvious issues my 10 year old son even noticed the noises. So at the end of the day I paid $8000 for a $3500 tahoe and will be about $4000 in repairs when done. Stay away from this scum. They buy at auction, vacuum interior and sell. Don't even change the oil. I had to do that also the 2nd day as the oil was like tar.

Toronto Auto Brokers Used Car Dealership - Woodbridge, ON

On 1/16/2017 11:43:03 PM wrote:
Been looking for an E92 M3 for a while now and finally saw an excellent '09 at TAB. Went in for a test drive and bought it the same day. Jacob was awesome to work with and he got everything ready for me to pick up the car. Great experience!