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Latest Used-Car-Dealer Dealer Reviews

Auto Jocks - Middlebury, CT

On 8/30/2015 6:52:25 AM wrote:
I had the worst experience with a pre-owned vehicle here. I got a 2005 VW jetta through them in March and by June the car shut down completely on me while on the highway almost creating a horrible accident where I was not going to make it through. The engine then caught fire on me to top it off. I purchased the extended warranty on the car and that did no good in trying to fix it or find any solution. After 2 months of calling them non stop and still no solution of getting me out of this car or it even being fixed I went to a different dealership and traded in the car. I now have the remaining balance rolled over into my new loan making me pay higher payments. This was by far the worst decision I've ever made. Worst customer service ever. The manager Hector literally laughed at me over the phone and said there was nothing he could do for me. Ridiculous to think I wasted my time and money here. Never again!

DeFilippo Brothers Motor Cars - Prospect Park, PA

On 8/30/2015 4:04:50 AM wrote:
I bought a car from Defillipo 6 months ago. Problems started at the dealership. I researched and was preapproved for a 2006 Ford Fusion, but when I arrived at the dealership the car was not available (it never existed, bait and switch). I ended up buying an older car with 130,000 miles because it was all I was approved for even though I was "preapproved" for a much newer, nicer and reliable car. I was told I would be given a full tank of gas and a new battery because my car wouldn't start. Upon driving away I realized my tank was on empty and upon inspection of my battery I realized it was over five years old. Within a month I started having real problems. I've paid to have my alternator, starter, and battery replaced because these items apparently are not covered under my extended warranty which includes all engine and transmission issues - even though I pay $100 dollars extra per month for the warranty. Also, a Kelley Blue Book search of my car shows that they charged me 600% of my car's worth. Shame on me for not researching but 600%!?!?!? The car starts maybe 1 in 10 times if I'm lucky even though I've replaced three components dealing with starting the car out of pocket. The car clearly has electrical issues that they were aware of, hence the promise of a new battery. I once called for service and they told me they could send me a tow truck, but since the issue was electrical it could not be covered under warranty and I would have to pay for the tow and the service. I explained that the salesman "ETHAN" promised me a full tank of gas and a new battery and they told me "we can not honor promises made by salesman and if you had read your contract you would know that".... my first experience financing a car has been absolutely awful. I feel they took advantage of me knowing that this was my first time financing a car. I also think they are very dishonest and sneaky. If you are a person in a bad financial situation, as I was when I purchased the car, DO NOT CONSIDER DEFILLIPO BROS. They will price gouge you and take advantage of your poor situation. They will promise you free service and make you feel alright about spending way too much on a vehicle, but when it comes time to make good on the promise they are total jerks. Awful, awful loud rude selfish Delco idiots working here. They were yelling to each other while I was trying to sign my paperwork. I once called to ask if I could make a payment two days late and was told "we can shut off and come take your car, if you can't pay you shouldn't have signed a contract". I paid on time, but luckily I have spoken to a lawyer who found a clause in my contract saying my car specifically only has a GPS tracker and not an immobilizer so if they immobilize my car I can get out of my contract without owing money or being liable for my terms of contract. Not everyone will be so lucky with this terrible company. STAY AWAY!

(PS) I once made a payment in person to a woman who was not there when I purchased. She warned me that she would never buy a vehicle from Defillipo and that I should pay my car off ASAP to avoid their ridiculous financing rates. This was the only good exoerience I had at this company and everyone there should learn about customer service from that particular nice lady.