Now, at first, if I told you that you could afford 10 cars from the James Bond flicks, you may not believe me.

That's because in every 007 picture, Bond typically is driving some heavy-hitting hardware. But upon a closer inspection, there's actually plenty of opportunity to own the car of a Spy.

Let's think here. Aston Martin, BMW, Lotus, Ford, AMC. Certainly an intriguing set of names.

But did you know you could snap up a used Aston Martin Vanquish for under $100,000?

Perhaps you've got a penchant for those earlier Lotus Esprits from the 1980s. Well, if you can find one -- first of all -- you'll be taking a $10 - 15,000 risk.

Looking for something a little less risky? You could likely snap up a BMW Z3. Though I would likely stay away from the late model E38 750iLs. There's a reason why those big-body E38s go for cheap, my friends.

Anyhow, check out the list of 10 James Bond cars you can afford by clicking "Read Article"

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10 Of James Bond's Cars You Can Actually Afford

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