Several weeks ago I was recognized and rewarded for my superior driving style by the local police department in the form of a speeding ticket.

  This accolade was awarded based on the fact that I was driving at a reasonable speed on a newly engineered road designed for traffic speeds at or above 70 MPH.  The speed limit on the stretch of road I was traveling is set artificially low - 55 MPH, and this is because the road is controlled by the local roads department instead of the state department of transportation.  The limit is set low as it is frequently used in police fund raising activities meant to bolster the financial accounts of the local police department.

Why tell you all this you might ask...

I read about a Country Club in New York designed for people who like to drive fast cars, fast.  Some people join country clubs for golf, in the case of the Monticello Motor Club, you join to drive fast.

Built at the site of a retired airport, developers have designed a race track with over 400 feet in elevation change, a sweeping corner with a 8 degree bank, and a straightaway capable of blasts up to 200 MPH.

Sound to good to be true?  Well it is and it isn't.

The good news is anyone can join.  You can drive your own high performance car or rent one a the many high performance cars on site.  In addition, a club pro much like that of a country club golf pro is on hand to give pointers and help make your personal lap times decrease with experience.

What bragging rights you would have to hold the course record in a particular car or class.  You'd have to develop your own special swagger as you enter and leave the clubs restaurant as others whisper to themselves as to who just entered the room.

The bad news is the price.  Initial membership is $125,000.00.  Limited to 500 members, this will truly be an exclusive club, developers have suggested the average net worth of members will be in excess of $20 million.  After the initial membership fee, the annual fee is only $7500 which really isn't that bad considering the access you have.  Full 24/7 access to the track along with on site storage for your own personal vehicle(s).  In addition, future plans call for on site condos that will include a 2 car garage for housing your Ferrari and Lamborghini.

I suggested to Agent 001 that become members of the club, Agent 001 balked at the idea, however I think it is only because he already has his name on the membership roster.

For the rest of us, it sure is fun to dream.  The sound of a Ferrari or Lamborghini at full throttle screaming down a straightaway capable of 200 MPH speeds is enough to make any enthusiasts heart skip a beat or two, and the chance to become a legend - well that just makes the membership costs all the more reasonable.

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A Driver's Paradise - A Country Club For Racing

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