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In recent years, there's been a paradigm shift in the world of autos.

The manual transmission has essentially gone extinct.

Some folks are praising this, while others are dismayed. But, to be straightforward, there are two sides to this argument and I can't think of a better vehicle to showcase this on than the all-new Porsche 911 (991) GT3.

Partially it's because it was captured recently sporting a PDK transmission, which was merely speculation months ago. This is the first official proof. Now we have to wonder if it'll be standard without a manual option.

The good: We know there's no way any human being can shift as fast as a dual-clutch system. It's completely impossible to be as precise and consistent as a computer-controlled system is. Rev matching is done perfectly every.single.time.

The bad: It takes away drive involvement, which is what a car like the GT3 is all about. I doubt people are buying the lightweight, race-inspired Porsche to expect traveling in luxury.

The reality: This is a great offering for buyers heading to the track and want every possible advantage over their fellow competitors; however, this is a bummer for any buyer who wants to just get that certain "feel" of a car that a dual-clutch 'box can't provide. We're hoping Porsche does "the right thing" and offers a standard, shift-it-yourself transmission.

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AWESOME or AWFUL? FIRST Photographic Proof That Porsche's Next-Gen GT3 Will Have A PDK Transmission

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