It looks like the Ford Taurus' days are numbered, if we're honest.

According to the latest reports, it seems like the Blue Oval may be thinking of putting a stake in the large sedan. With sales down a significant percentage, the only factor keeping the Taurus alive at the moment is that 20 percent of its vehicles are converted into police interceptors. And yet, most departments are still opting for the Explorer Police Interceptor over its sedan sibling.

At the end of the day, Ford's biggest enemy is itself. Simply put, the Taurus is not an especially competitive product. That's because its very own Fusion and Explorer are cannibalizing its sales.

The Fusion is a cheaper alternative AND get this, it has more room in the front and rear portions of its cabin. And that's been one thing I never understood about the Taurus. Although the Taurus is a BIG vehicle, its interior cabin space is completely inefficient.

In addition, buyers are still flocking to sport-utility vehicles. As you'd expect, Ford is not against that as Explorers have a higher profit margin than Taurus vehicles.

Having said all of this, would it be AWESOME or AWFUL if Ford KILLED one of its most well-known nameplates, the Taurus?

...U.S. sales of the Taurus, like many large cars, are tanking, down 28 percent through July. Ford unveiled a redesigned Taurus in April but said it was designed only to be built and sold in China.

Ford hasn't revealed any updates for the Taurus in North America, suggesting the current generation, introduced in 2009 and updated in 2012, will linger on dealership lots for at least a few more years. If sales keep falling, analysts speculate Ford could eliminate U.S. production of it and either import the small volume it needs here from China or leave the full-size sedan segment to its Lincoln brand, which will roll out the Continental next year...

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AWESOME or AWFUL? If Ford KILLED The Taurus, Would That Be A GENIUS Move Or A Poor Decision?

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