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Listen, no one wants to get into a car accident.

Between the fact most folks will ruin their predominant mode of transportation and you'll have to fork over a ton of dough over to a variety of parties, it's a less than stellar experience.

Oh, and don't forget the likelihood you will be harmed in the process. Accidents suck, there's no way around it.

BUT, it could be worse.

While I have had a couple of run ins, I have to say that what happened to man and his best friend is adding insult to minor injuries.

The story goes that the driver was driving with his dog while transporting a significant amount of paint supplies. And I mean A LOT. Though details of the crash are a bit light, it must have been a pretty hard impact to jolt so much of the paint that it literally coated the interior, driver and dog head to toe.

Man's best friend, formerly black, looked like a mix of grey and off white while the driver appeared to look like a kindergartner's bad painting.

The story ends on a good note though. The minor injuries the driver sustained were treated and the owner's pup received a good wash to bring it back to its normal state.

This driver and his dog were left looking a little off colour after they were involved in  a particularly messy car crash.

The pair ended up covered in emulsion after their cargo of five-gallon paint cans opened on impact, spilling – and flinging – their vibrant contents all over the vehicle’s interior...

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And YOU Thought You Had A BAD Day — This Is The Sort Of Car Accident You DON'T Want To Happen

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