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I know this headline isn’t going to win me any friends, and I’m even a little surprised I’m writing this, but I’ve recently come to a realization: I haven’t had much fun in the recent 400+ horsepower cars I’ve driven.

It’s not because I’m so depraved that I don’t enjoy speed or power—I absolutely do. It’s sort of because I enjoy those things that I’m finding driving powerful cars a chore.

While I’ve always been more in the slow-car-fast school of thought, and while my own idiosyncratic preferences tend to ridiculous, low-HP cars, I’ve had amazing times in fast cars as well. I’ve driven 700 HP Lambos and evil-sounding 662 HP GT500s, the 662 HP SLS AMG Black, the 640 HP Viper SRT, and the famed 707 HP Hellcat—mostly on tracks, though


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Are High Horsepower Cars All They Are Cracked Up To Be?

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