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com have chosen a really cool selection of gifts that will earn you an 'A+' will all the students you know...

The Coolest Catalog Gives Us The Best Toaster Oven A Dorm Will Ever See!

This toaster oven earned the highest rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it quickly cooked chicken, pizza, and cookies and maintained a constant cooking temperature. Also described by The Wall Street Journal as capable of doing "just about everything we use the oven for," The Best Toaster Oven's internal temperature varied only 11º F when set to 450º F, far superior to lesser units that varied as much as 60.6º F. This temperature accuracy enabled The Best Toaster Oven to produce succulent chicken with a crisp, golden-brown skin and a moist, tender interior, while other ovens burned the skin and overcooked the meat. The Best model has nine settings--the most of any oven--designed for specific foods (pizza, bagel, cookies). It suggests ideal cooking temperatures and times for each foodstuff and automatically adjusts the heat for optimal results. The 1800-watt oven broils, cooks with convection, and defrosts at the touch of a button, its easy-to-read LCD shows temperatures and cooking times, and the 0.8 cubic foot interior accommodates a 12" pizza or six pieces of toast. 10 3/4" H x 18 1/2" W x 12 1/2" D. (21 1/2 lbs.)

ORDER HERE: Item 77058  $249.95

Two Great Products That Truly Give Apple Design A Run For Its Money From Dyson

1. AM02 Tower Fan

Dyson AM02 Silver/Silver - bladeless Dyson Air Multiplier™ tower fan for cooling larger areas. With no fast-spinning blades, it's safe easy to clean, and generates smooth air with no buffeting. Remote power control and 90 degree oscillation. In silver.

ORDER HERE: $299.99

1. DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC25 Animal - lightweight and powerful bagless upright vacuum for homes with pets. With Ball™ technology for easy steering. Mini turbine head removes dirt and pet hair from carpets, upholstery and tight spaces. Motorized brush bar for carpets - switches off for hard floors. Quick-draw Telescope Reach™ wand for high-reach cleaning. Lifetime washable HEPA filter traps microscopic allergens.

ORDER HERE: $549.99

BELKIN Conserve Valet™
Smart USB Charging Station

Charge up to 4 devices at once
Shuts off automatically and eliminates standby power
Keeps cords neat

Charge smart.

Most chargers continue to use power as long as they're plugged into the wall—even after you unplug your device. The Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station lets you charge all of your mobile devices in one convenient place, and automatically shuts off power—including standby power—after devices are fully charged. It even senses when new devices are added so you always get a full charge, and has an innovative cord management system to keep things neat. Keep your devices ready to go, and save energy, too.



Vogel's RingO Car Pack for iPad 2
Mount your iPad 2 for viewing in your car.

The award-winning RingO Car Mount Pack is a robust and secure system that lets you easily mount your iPad 2 in the car, so your back-seat passengers can enjoy the iPad as you drive.

Fixes securely to the front seat headrest
Easy to install and remove; no tools required
Fully proved and safety tested system
Compatible with any other RingO mount



Streetwise Blackout 1.5 Million Rechargeable Stun Rod

“Are you searching for a device that is strong, easy grip
and delivers maximum results for your protection?

Then we have what you need with the
1.5 million rechargeable stun rod.”

Gone are the days when you need to search for a device that you need to be strong, but fails when you need it the most. We have done the work for you and present you with the strongest stun pen on the market.

As a 1.5 million rechargeable stun rod, this device is not just powerful, but measuring in at six and one-quarter inch by one inch thick, this device is also easy to conceal when it's not needed and easy to handle when it is.

Stun batons, otherwise known as stun gun batons, are extended reach stun guns with substantial power. As Chinese martial arts masters say, when it comes to life threatening combat, "an inch longer is an inch stronger". The theory behind that saying is, the longer the weapon, the sooner and faster you can attack your opponent. As a result, the chance of defeating your challenger is increased. Basically, you can attack your assailant with these extended reach self defense baton before the assailant can reach you. Also, the long design of the stun baton provides you with a maximum amount of safety by allowing you to maintain a good distance from your attacker. Simply touches the assailant with the stun gun baton and pull the trigger: three to five seconds will leave the assailant dazed and temporarily paralyzed.

Despite the extended reach and a remarkable stopping power, these stun batons also offers another lifesaving feature. Not only is the current delivered from the prongs on the tip of the baton, but the shockable surface area is extended few inches down from the tip on either side of the baton. This unique feature will prevent an assailant from grabbing the stun baton and taking it away from you.

Streetwise 1.5 $84.97, Stun Baton $89.95


SaddleBack Leather Goods-If only your car was made THIS well!

The Spies ONLY like the best and there is NO doubt ANYTHING you buy from Saddleback Leather Co. is simply the finest quality you will EVER experience. Just watch the video below!

Their slogan is "They will fight for it after you're dead" and I can personally tell you after getting mine I know that for a fact. All the JR. Spies have been eyeing mine.

Water Bag



PowerDock DualRecharge. Organize.

Charging valet for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

The contents of your pockets (your change, your keys, your guitar picks, your good-luck chip from Ceasar's Palace) all go in the dish. Your iPad and your iPhone (or your iPod) get seats of honor in PowerDock Dual's built-in charging dock.

You get an unobstructed view of the screen while your iPad (and iPhone or iPod) gets its battery charged. Even the speakers of your iPad are unobstructed, with sound channels that let the sound out so you can listen while you watch. It's perfect for bedside entertainment or a quick reference on your countertop. PowerDock Dual puts your iPad and your iPhone or iPod right there at a glance, charged up and ready to go.

PowerDock Dual: it's a place for all your most important stuff. Even your car keys.



DJ Cable 
Headphone and master output splitter cable for algoriddim djay app

Not just another splitter cable, our DJ cable is wired to enable the Split Output function in djay, and simultaneously hear both what the PA is playing and the track you are cueing up.

With Split Output mode enabled, djay sends the master output to the left channel, and the cue output to the right channel. This lets you cue songs through your headphones independently of the mix that's going through the speakers. At the same time, you can hear everything that's going on. No DJ would want to be without it!



Stylus for capacitive touchscreens 
Same precision. Same control. 10 colors.

Black. It's a basic. A great color for stereo components. And shoes. But there's got to be a more individualistic option for tech tools, right?

Peep these. We've brought color to our wildly popular Stylus. So now you get the same great control when using your tablet, with fresh, not-black colors to match your personality.

Griffin's Stylus is a balanced pointer with a soft rubber tip designed to mimic your finger. The stylus keeps your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges as it gives increased control over any touchscreen operation. Perfect for sketching, drawing and photography apps, it includes an integrated clip for your pocket or pencil loop.

Love the Stylus, but looking for something a little more reserved? Check out our Stylus in Classic Black. Just right for the office, boardroom or high-level diplomatic missions.



TechSafe Cable Lock System
Secure yet mobile lock for laptops

Security for your laptop or notebook without sacrificing mobility.

Think about your laptop computer; you love its mobility, you love being able to put it on your lap, your table, your desk, however you want, wherever you are. But you also need to be able to set it on your desk or table top without worrying whether it'll be there when you come back.

That's where TechSafe comes in. Its unique hardened steel security blade slips through the strongest point of your laptop: its hinge. The patented security blade is unobtrusive when in use so you retain access to your laptop's ports and connectors. It slides into place scratch-free and secure, and stays on the job whether your laptop is open or closed.

Hook the included 4-digit combination lock through the security blade to lock down your laptop without hampering your ability to work. Loop the tempered five-foot (1.5 meter) locking cable around a table leg, chair or other immoveable object and your laptop isn't going anywhere without your permission. When you're ready to hit the road, coil up the cable and secure it with the included cable strap.

The TechSafe Cable Lock System is perfect for any laptop that doesn't include a security anchor hole, or whenever you want low-key, high security for your machine.



IntelliCaseFolio stand with automatic wake-up closure

A marriage of protective polycarbonate (to protect the back of your iPad 2) and flexible TPU (to protect your Multi-Touch display).

Fold the flexible cover back to make an upright workstand (great for reading and watching slideshows or videos), or lay it down at just the right incline for touching and tapping and typing. Strategically-placed magnets in the cover activate the magnetic sensors of your iPad, to automatically wake when the case is opened, and sleep when it's closed. The micro-textured surface is easy to grip and pampers your iPad, inside and out.



RoadTrip HandsFreeComplete car solution for iPod & iPhone

Mount, charge, play your iPod & iPhone, make handsfree calls from your smartphone

Live in a house divided? Listen to your music on an iPod but use a smart phone? Then RoadTrip HandsFree is the total music/handsfree calling solution for you.

Cradle: Flexible neck and adjustable mount for your iPod or iPhone
Charge: Case-compatible dock charges whenever you're docked
Play Music: Send music to your car stereo via FM transmitter
Call Handsfree: Bluetooth connects your smartphone to place and answer calls through your car's sound system
RoadTrip uses a powerful FM transmitter to send the music wirelessly to your car's FM radio, so you and the whole car can enjoy it through your stereo speakers. And while you're enjoying the music, your iPod or iPhone is enjoying a battery charge.

When a call comes in on your iPhone or smartphone, RoadTrip becomes a handsfree speakerphone in your car. RoadTrip's high-sensitivity built-in microphone picks up your voice, and your caller's voice plays through your stereo speakers. RoadTrip's handsfree phone features work with iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled phones.



Scosche goBAT II - Portable Charger & Backup Battery

For anyone in need of extra power, the goBAT II provides an innovative solution to the dreaded ‘low battery’ warning. The goBAT II is a powerful backup battery and dual port charger for your mobile devices. The internal 5000mAh ion battery will keep your devices going long after they normally would.

Advantages and Applications

A drained iPhone 4 can be charged 2.6 times with a fully charged goBAT II. An iPad can be charged up to 55% of full charge. This is the ideal battery for long commutes, airport travel and camping.

The goBAT II provides 2 USB charging ports that can be used at the same time. A 2.1 Amp port gives you the ability to charge mobile devices including tablets (iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab). An additional 1.0 Amp port lets you charge your additional devices (iPhone, iPod, etc.).

Convenient Design
Power and convenience are packed into a surprisingly small size. The goBAT II can easily fit into your hand or slip into luggage for easy travel. Four blue LED lights let you know just how much battery life is left on the goBAT II.

Simple Use
Use your existing USB cables to plug into the ports on the goBAT II to begin charging your devices. The goBAT II lets you use your device while charging is taking place.

A micro-USB cable is included which allows you to charge the goBAT II.

Put the power back in your hands with the goBAT II universal mobile battery pack.



511-Tactical- Light For Life Flashlight PC3.300

200 lumens peak output
Charges in 90 Seconds
Up to 1 hour runtime
No batteries to replace
Peak, Standard and Strobe power modes
12V DC MagnetoAlign base
Comes with AC Adapter and a patent-pending Auto-Align 12V DC charging base for the car
Top button and tail-cap button
Size 8.75" and 10 oz.
The solidstate, 8.75” 5.11 Light for Life® PC3.300 is ruggedly built, buoyant and water-resistant. Its high-strength polymer casing is abrasion, crack and bend-resistant. The PC3.300 will run for 45 mins in standard mode, plus an additional 15 minutes in reserve mode.

The 5.11 Light for Life® PC3.300 offers three power modes: bright (200 peak lumens), standard (70 lumens) and tactical strobe. The 50,000-hour LEDs never have to be replaced. Tailcap and top buttons perform the same functionality to reinforce muscle memory.

Includes a patent-pending Auto-Align 12V DC charging base for the car and a AC adapter. Optional accessories are also available.

Taclite EMS Pant


Taclite™ EMS Pant Description:

The World's Best EMS Pant Just Got BETTER!
Now available in 5.11 Taclite™ fabric!
Built of rugged, fade-resistant poly-cotton twill and loaded with userdriven features, our EMS pants have everything you're looking for in an EMS pant. Imported.

Available in 7.25 oz poly-cotton twill or new lightweight 6.14 oz poly-cotton Taclite™ ripstop fabric
Treated with Teflon® for stain, soil and liquid stain resistance.
Comfortable, self-adjusting tunnel waistband that moves with you
Gusseted crotch that allows freedom of movement and virtually eliminates seam failure
Prym® snaps and YKK® zipper.
5.11 Double-Time™ belt loops
Free neoprene kneepads by mail-in hangtag.
Full-size cargo pockets with internal dividers and external EMSspecific pockets.
Utility pockets at the calf.


Little Snapper Mac Screenshot Utility

Pixel Perfect Screenshots

LittleSnapper was built to help designers and other creative-minded Mac users build up a design scrapbook. Whether it's proofs of client work, live sites that interest you, or screenshots of your favourite Mac applications, LittleSnapper allows you to capture, organise, annotate and share them all - from one beautiful OS X application.



Bracketron Universal GPS Window Mount

Quick Overview
Sturdy Windshield Mount
Transfer to Multiple Vehicles
Grip-iT Adjustable Arms
Quick Lock & Release
Won't Block Device Controls
Product Description
The Universal GPS Window Mount is the ultimate windshield mounting solution on the market, featuring a 360° rotating head and universal design to fit most portable devices.

The Universal GPS Window Mount Kit is a combination of two great products rolled into one convenient package. Feature a 9" flexible windshield mount and the Grip-iT Universal Device Holder, this combination is ideal for installing portable electronics easily in just about any vehicle.



Dual USB Charger

Quick Overview

Fast charging for multiple devices, including iPad, iPhone/iPod, MP3 players and smartphone
Low profile charger fits into any 12v port
2.1A and 1.0A USB ports
Power LED light
Product Description
With the Dual USB charger, you can now charge or power two devices at the same time.

The low-profile dual charger includes both high and low-current USB outputs, perfect for charging your tablet and handheld mobile device simultaneously while you're on the road.



BELKIN ViewLounge For iPad 2

This Stand was Made for Lounging

Your Tablet, Your Way

Relax in bed or on the couch with the innovative tablet stand that’s stable even on soft surfaces. This versatile stand is perfect for lounging anywhere. The weighted beanbag base molds to any surface, and the grippable texture keeps your tablet in place.

Versatile Viewing
View your iPad 2 from any angle by easily adjusting the beanbag base. With landscape or portrait viewing and a flat surface for typing, it’s the ultimate tablet experience.



Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to charge all the devices today's traveler brings along. Now you can add outlets and peace of mind on business trips and vacations with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector.

This new design features three AC outlets and two powered USB outlets* - perfect for MP3 players and mobile phones.

* Important: This product's USB outlets cannot be used as a USB hub and does not transmit data. The powered USB outlets on this unit are intended solely for charging devices that can be charged via a USB interface



V-MODA: Vibrato Headphones

"For stellar bass without sacrificing midrange clarity, these headphones edged out pricier rivals in our multi-music-genre trials. This honor is indicative of V-MODA’s dedication to superior quality and innovation. It is our belief that in an ever-evolving tech marketplace, the V-MODA Vibrato will stand the test of time."
-Travel + Leisure Tech Awards 2011, Best Travel Gadget: Headphones

"Seriously these Vibratos are amazing. If you need artists testament for any reason this is what I'd say: THEY ACTUALLY INSPIRE ME! Seriously. Knowing that I can put them on and I can HEAR the sub bass, I can FEEL the kick drum... They are RETARDED!!!""
-Funkagenda - DJ, Sound Engineer, Producer

“Vibrato is the only edgy and solidly crafted metal headphone in the world, masterfully tuned in collaboration with professional musicians to recreate the sensations of a live music or club experience.”
- Val Kolton, DJ+CVO of V-MODA



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