If you have anywhere between $30,000 to $50,000 of disposable income laying around and you're looking for a proper driver's car it's pretty likely you'll turn your attention to the BMW M3.

It's been the benchmark for years and this outgoing M was considered special amongst most enthusiasts.

But what if you want something...different?

If you really want something to differentiate yourself from the crowd, it's a no brainer. Go with a 1M. That is, of course, if you can find one. Given that there are suppose to be approximately 800 on our shores with a lot of dealers hiding them in the basement, I'd say it's going to be a tough go. One problem though, while the 1M is a great choice — as it has a good chunk of M3 hardware in it anyhow — it lacks a burly V8.

That's where the Ford Mustang Boss 302 comes into the picture. While Mustangs are generally considered pigs, this one separates itself from the pack as it was specifically built with the track in mind.

So. WHICH gets YOUR vote and WHY?

The limited edition Ford Mustang Boss 302 (2012-2013 Model Years) is aimed at the E90 series BMW M3. The guys love the E90 M3, so they spent some time in the canyons to see if the Boss 302 can really dethrone the M3. And is the Boss better than the other M3 alternative, the 1M coupe?

BMWs 1M Coupe was made from the BMW parts bin and only offered for one year. It was often discussed as even better than the E90 series M3. The guys love the M3, so they took this 1M to the canyons to see who's the best. And afterward they debate if this car or the Boss 302 is the better M3 alternative.

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CAR WARS! BMW E92 M3 vs. BMW 1M vs. Ford Mustang BOSS 302

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