With the launch of not one but two all-new German luxury sport-utility vehicles, we're excited to see how these two match up.

That's right. We're putting together the all-new BMW X4 and the all-new Porsche Macan.

Though it may seem unrealistic that a BMW buyer would cross-shop a Porsche — if you have the $ for the Porsche, let's be serious, you'd just get it — we think these all-new models will actually be getting compared more often than one would think. That's because the X4 is more of an emotional purchase and if you've been keeping an eye on would-be buyers of the all-new Porsche Macan, they keep stating how the vehicle tugs at their heart strings. Both sets of buyers will be more emotionally tied to the products.

So, we think there's a bit of overlap, especially when you consider the pricing for the 300 horsepower models is actually pretty competitive. Granted, we know the BMW will lease more aggressively and the Porsche will cost you thousands in options.

I will point out at a recent business function a source in-the-know said something along the lines of: "You won't believe what people will do to put a Porsche in their driveway." To give this some context, we were discussing the potential failure/success of the all-new Macan and the individual speaking was stating this about Cayenne owners.

Now if you recall, Agent 001's review of the Porsche Macan said it felt like a jacked up Cayman. And something tells me the X4 won't feel much more special than an X3 that may be slightly tarted up.

That means I have to ask: Do YOU think that the all-new Macan is going to eat the all-new BMW X4 for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Does the X4 have a fighting chance due to its aggressive lease prices?

**Click the "Read Article" link below to see video footage of the BMW X4 and Porsche Macan side-by-side. It's in German, so, have fun with trying to understand that!

xDrive28i - 240hp / 260lb-ft - 0-60 in 6.0 seconds (2.0L turbo inline 4 cyl)
xDrive28i - $45,625 (including destination and handling)

xDrive35i - 300hp / 300 lb-ft - 0-60 in 5.2 seconds (3.0L turbo inline 6 cyl)
xDrive35i - $48,925 (including destination and handling)

Macan S AWD - 340 hp / 339 lb-ft - 0-60 in 5.2 seconds (3.0L turbo V6)
Macan S - $50,895 (including destination)

Macan Turbo AWD - 400hp / 406 lb-ft - 0-60 in 4.6 (3.6L turbo V6)
Macan Turbo - $73,295 (including destination)

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CAR WARS! Is The All-New Porsche Macan Going To EAT The BMW X4's Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner?

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