Many of us who trend the automotive scene often see vehicles that we could only wish they would offer here.

Case in point, this Ford Capri and the Falcon sedan and UTE (pretty much a Ford version of the El Camino) I do not see myself buying any American made cars but if they offered some of the cars they offer in Australia, for instance, I would be incline to have a change of heart. The Ford falcon Ute and Holden HSV Maloo are two great fuel efficient alternatives to a pickup. They handle and perform better, and have all of the utility of a pickup. Unless you are hauling very heavy loads or towing massive trailers, these would be more than adequate of most Americans needs.

How about the Ford Falcon. I would take one of those over a fusion or Taurus any day. It is RWD and has an available V8 and styling that is much nicer than many offerings here now. GM brought us the Holden commodore in the form of the Pontiac G8 and then killed Pontiac. GM should have made that car the Next Malibu and Malibu SS, while The Holden Caprice could have been the Impala and Impala SS. That would liven the brand and give people the kind of cars America used to build. More importantly these cars would stomp every other mainstream import in the dirt.

While GM and Ford are bringing some European models here, the above mentioned are the ones that are going to attract younger buyers and import buyers that want RWD performance but don't want a muscle car. And lastly, its the family man/gear heads dream. What car nut wouldn't want a family car that is RWD V8 powered with over 300hp that is roomy practical for the family. Young families would ditch Camrys, Fusions ETC for these in a heartbeat.

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Could American Car Companies Do Better By Bringing Vehicles Like These To America?

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