It's funny.

Over the years we've seen, arguably, the MOST advancement in the automotive industry. Economy cars are far more equipped and as safe as they've ever been, and the supercars are just otherworldly.

Look at the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari. All make absurd amounts of power and they are all hybrids.

BUT, if you were to ask any serious supercar collector what's their favorite, it seems that the F40 is the one. Lovingly put together with what Jeremy Clarkson calls "bath sealant," in reality it's a crazy green glue. It's equipped with a forced induction V8 and, yes, it sports a tri-exhaust outlet.

It's hard to think of a better Ferrari to provide the old-school track experience, but what happens when you take the carbon fiber vehicle on a long road trip? This is Evo's story...

**See what happens on the 1,000 km roadtrip, in the video below!


When the Secret Supercar Owner called and offered us the chance to drive his F40 back to the UK, through the Alps, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. Here are some of Henry Catchpole’s words on the fantastic journey:

Another underground car park goes from silence to being filled with the sound of a supercar icon warming its vitals. A curious resonance makes it sound like there’s a light aircraft waiting to taxi out onto the street. It’s still early in the morning but, when there’s an F40 available, sleep suddenly seems so inconsequential. I also figure that the mountains will be empty. There are no static speed cameras up there so we’ve only got to worry about the police, and I’m pretty sure our chances of avoiding them improve if we get out of bed while the world is still dark.


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DRIVEN + VIDEO: Have YOU Ever Driven Through The Alps? How About In A Ferrari F40?

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