Years ago when people went to buy cars, it almost seemed like there were two categories of buyers: 1) buying domestic products, or 2) buying imports.

But you'd be silly to think that the paradigm hasn't shifted in recent years, especially after the great recession.

Now buyers that may have had a Ford in their driveway are more than happy to put a Hyundai or Kia product there instead. Hell, even some Audi and BMW customers switched to Hyundai. Can you blame them? The products deliver the goods and are more price aggressive.

Though for some folks, buying a vehicle built in the home of the brave remains critical. Frankly, I think it's great. Go America! If you find yourself in that boat, then we've got the goods for you.

If you click "Read Article" below you'll find yourself presented with an index of the cars that are scored on how American they truly are. A professor from American University, Frank DuBois, took on the initiative. Rather than look at the problem from a simple point of view — is it assembled in the U.S. — DuBois took a more in-depth look into the matter. You can learn all the details here.

That said, we're a bit curious: does buying American really MATTER to YOU?

If so, let us know WHY!

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Does BUYING AMERICAN Matter Even Matter To YOU? If It Does, You'll Want To Check Out THIS LIST

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