There wasn't a place on this planet today that didn't know that the new iPhone 5c and 5s hit stores today and in typical fashion people waited in lines and mobbed stores in order to get their hands one them.

And the Spies were no exception to the rule although we can't give away the secret how we got ours and didn't have to wait in the large lines.

Full iPhone 5s Photo Sample Gallery

There are many new features but here at Auto Spies the ones that mattered most in order to us were the better camera, speed of operation and fingerprint authentication.

We didn't think the fingerprint stuff would be that cool but it truly is and honestly if you're thinking about one it would be actually worth the upgrade just for that.

Yeah, it works that well and saves A LOT of time if you have to lock your phone alot.

It also has the new iOS7 which although we're not in love with the graphic look of the home screen, in all other areas of operation is better designed that the previous OS.

But none of that would have gotten us to bite unless there were improvements on the camera.

And as you can see with your own eyes from our exclusive and LARGEST iPhone 5s photo sample gallery in the world, the new shots are significantly better.

ESPECIALLY in challenging and lower light situations.

In other words we did NOT go easy on it! Other smartphone cameras would have exploded if they tried the shots we did (well not really but the pics would have really sucked!)

So take a look at the gallery and judge for yourself.

We tried to take shots in as many different lighting conditions as we could in the short 3 hours we've had the unit.

But don't fear! We'll be out shooting more tomorrow and will be adding to the gallery.

The first few shots we put side by side shots from the new iPhone 5s and the 5 from our gallery last year so you could see the improvements.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you have or will be upgrading...

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5

The remainder of shots below are all iPhone 5s:

*special thanks to Vic Keshisyan at Calstar for the access to the cars and our friends at Pacific BMW Glendale.

Full iPhone 5s Photo Sample Gallery

EXCLUSIVE! Spies Get FIRST And Largest iPhone 5s Photo Sample Gallery LIVE!

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