While the competition will make you wait until Monday for their first coverage of the Detroit Auto Show, our Agents have just leaked these photos to us TWO DAYS EARLY!

The anticipation is high and the pressure is on for Detroit to knock this year's show out of the park.

So with that we christen the launch of the Official Detroit Auto Show photo gallery!

China is attacking first with its E-Jet electric concept...A Mercedes CLS 4-door coupe look-a-like from the masters of design cloning illusion.

Do you ever believe they will truly challenge here in the good old USA or is it a pipe dream of supreme proportions?

Look for more photos and info tonight and for other websites...well, rely on them for historical reference. ;)

More info and photos...

E-JET powerful, efficient and green is a Range-Extended electric car with fashionable and modern appearance, designed by GAC Engineering based on its independently developed brand-new compact passenger vehicle platform. Equipped with a 95 kW (peak) permanent magnet motor and a 13kwh lithium-ion battery pack, E-JET can achieve a top speed of 160kph, an acceleration from 0 to 50kph within 4.5 seconds, and a gradeability higher than 32%. With its excellent energy management strategy and lightweight technology, E-JET can have a pure electric drive range of more than 100km. E-JET uses a 1.0L gasoline engine and a 30 kW PM generator as the range-extender to charge the battery when the battery SOC is low, which extends the total drive range to more than 600km with a fuel consumption of less than 2L/100km (NEDC cycle).

In pure electric drive mode, E-JET has demonstrated the advantage of zero tailpipe emission, low noise and low energy cost. In range-extending mode, comparing to battery-only EVs, there will be no more “range anxiety” thanks to the on-board range-extender, and as well, the vehicle cost is dramatically reduced. As a whole, E-JET works much better than conventional vehicles both in fuel economy and emission. is the number one site in the world for Auto Show photos.

With other sites you're a spectator but with Auto Spies is like you're THERE!

Official Detroit Auto Show photo gallery

**The 2013 Detroit Auto Show Gallery and coverage is sponsored by Lexus

Unfortunately, the car got damaged a little in transport from China (see below)

Official Detroit Auto Show photo gallery

EXCLUSIVE! Spies SHANGHAI Detroit Auto Show With First Live Photos TWO DAYS EARLY!!

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