The past couple of weeks have been exciting ones for the supercar kingdom.

That's because the three big-time players have been slowly unveiling what's underneath the skirt. Porsche, with its 918, McLaren with the P1 and Ferrari with its Enzo replacement, dubbed the F150 -- the details are starting to trickle out.

Ferrari is the latest and did it in the typical Ferrari way -- on its own terms. Ferrari Magazine detailed some of the more intriguing details surrounding the all-new range topper. As we expected, the F150 is slated to be the vehicle that displays the latest and greatest technology from Maranello. 

Considering the tremendous leaps and bound that all of the Ferrari lineup has made in recent years -- THINK: the 430 to 458, the 599 to the F12 -- we expect this one to be one helluva whopper. From what we've been hearing, this will be the closest production vehicle to bring you the Formula One experience, whatever that means.

Expect a springtime unveil, not that it matters. Ferrari is only building -- give or take -- 400 units, all of which have been accounted for even though it costs around 800,000 British Pounds Sterling.

After various leaks and rumours over the past few months, Ferrari – via its official customer magazine – has confirmed it will launch a new supercar to succeed the Enzo in 2013. It's been officially named as the Ferrari F150, and it will be powered by a V12 engine bolstered by a F1-style KERS hybrid system...

...'There are the F1 cars, there are the GT cars, and in the middle we have these cars,' Ferrari’s technical director Roberto Fedeli explains. 'We want to transfer the technology from racing to production and this is the way to do it. The concept of these cars is to put together all the innovations that we have. Not just one or two components, but everything that might become a component on our GT cars. They’re simply a forecast of the technology you’ll see across the range in the future...

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FIRST Details Of Ferrari's All-New Enzo Successor HIT The Web

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