In the past two years we have seen unbelievable events occur.

The global economy has essentially been "in the can" and as expected, there has been a cascading effect across the board at businesses. Small and large. For instance, we saw two LARGE American icons, General Motors and Chrysler, file for bankruptcy.

Except one company has held strong. While the other guys had their hands out, they stubbornly shook their head and said "Nuh-uh."

Thank you for letting me keep some of my hard-earned income, Ford.

Regardless of what one thinks about a large firm's leadership, the chief executive officer of any company is the leader and face of a company. Ford's Alan Mulally has just about become a rock star in the auto industry after giving Ford a 180-degree turnaround.

And his paycheck is comparable to the Yankees' Alex Rodiriguez, when compared to the rest of the industry.

Is this justified? Yes, no, maybe so?

Weigh in below...

As much as it pains me to admit it, Ford is a company to be admired. When bailouts were handed around like doobies in the Summer of Love, they didn’t partake (argue that point amongst yourselves, but you know what I mean). Their cars are interesting (to say the least) and their reliability is now being thought of in the same vein as Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. All of this is down to one man, Mr Alan “I bet you wish to made me CEO now! Eh, Boeing?!” Mulally. He put forward a vision of Ford divisions and subsidiaries working together to create a global product. He pared down the extraneous brands. He put the axe to Mercury and he didn’t need a bankruptcy to do it. In short, Mr Mulally has done well at Ford. The question is how well?

Business Standard Motoring reports that Alan Mulally picked up $17.9 million in pay during 2009. In comparison, Akio Toyoda earned less that $1.1 million (this is inferred, because he wasn’t named in a company filing to the Japanese Finance Ministry), Carlos Ghosn picked up $9.9 million, Honda’s Takanobu Ito walked away with $1.3 million...

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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Ford's CEO, Alan Mulally, Is An Auto Industry Rock Star -- Should Japan Follow Suit?

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