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As always, the BMW M4 is about to round the bend.

You know what that means. Much fanfare, a lot of drooling wannabe owners and a long list at your local BMW dealer. There's good reason for this as the M3 coupe — now to be known as the M4 — has been lusted after for decades now.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Our friends at Bimmerpost recently ran a VERY juicy story thanks to one of its forum members who got incredibly resourceful. They what they're calling "VIN diving" and ran across some intriguing details related to the next-gen car.

While it's painfully obvious that the next-gen car will benefit from the power of a six-cylinder, forced induction motor, we had no clue about what kind of power it would make. Thanks to our private dick, it seems that 415 horsepower could be the magic number.

If that's a bit of a let down to you, have no fear. That's because these forced-induction six-cylinders produce GOBS of torque that will certainly make up for the rather lackluster 295 lb.-ft. found in the V8, E9x M3.

In addition, keep in mind that the internet rumor mill has been discussing the next-gen M4's weight reduction, which is said to be more significant than ever. Rather than packing on the pounds, the next-gen car is said to be losing weight with the target amount being somewhere near the E46's 3,400 — give or take — pound mark.

The more we hear, the more we like.

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A resourceful F30POST member of ours went BMW VIN diving and may have uncovered many details for the upcoming BMW M3 Sedan (F80) and M4 Coupe (F82)!

While obviously no production F80 M3 or F82 M4 have rolled off the line yet, manufacturers like BMW register VINs for their pre-production test cars, so finding the details behind such VINs can reveal much about the upcoming production models (although keep in mind that everything is subject to change by the time the model hits production)...

...The highlight is the 310kW (415 hp) S55 3.0L inline 6 engine listed...

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Has The Next-Gen BMW M4's POWER Details Been EXPOSED? NEW Info Comes To Light

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