Now that may be one mighty comparison but you have to admit, big "A" has worked wonders and has the company riding down the right track.

Sure, the company has a good amount of debt but it is still in a helluva lot better shape than the other guys from the Motor City.

In fact, it appears that Ford continues to get stronger as time goes by. Not only have sales been strong since the end of 2009 but the company's pipeline continues to get more compelling.

AND, the brand's focus on quality is finally beginning to become realized.

With that said, it seems that a tremendous driving factor behind this has been their CEO, Alan Mulally. The former head cheese from Boeing was a self-admitted non-car guy. But it seems to have worked out, essentially.

But we want to know, if Alan -- yeah, we're on a first-name basis here -- left FoMoCo and went elsewhere, would the company be left in shambles? Or, could someone step in and pick up the pieces.

Let us know in the comments below...

The Truth About Cars reports:

With about $34.4b in debt and a selling rate that’s being propped up by incentives and fleet sales, Ford ain’t out of the woods yet by a long shot. But compared to the ongoing debacles in the RenCen and Auburn Hills, things are looking downright sunny under the sign of the Blue Oval. Most of the credit for that tends to go to CEO Alan Mulally, who left Boeing to assume control at Ford in 2006. Now, a website called has popped up...

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Is Alan Mulally The Steve Jobs Of Ford? If He Left Would Ford Be Up A Creek?

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